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Where’s Komatose based?

Philadelphia PA.

What’s the return/exchange policy?

No can do, most all of our products are 1/1 or handmade, so no two things will be the exact same. Also, the USPS is it’s own thing, so we don’t claim responsibility after shipping.

Do you accept orders outside the US?

Of course! Borders aren’t real!

When do you ship your orders?

Every Wednesday! If it’s late we always pack in some extra goodies in your package to make up for it, don’t you worry.

Do you do custom clothes/commissions?

Yeah! Email us at n0nvme2017@gmail.com or DM @deacon_rwb on instagram!

Will you sign my band?

Sounds like a deal. We don’t do any recording or producing (AT THE MOMENT!) but we definitely will sell your shirts, patches, tapes, cd’s, records, and anything else you got.

Will you sell my (shirts, prints, etc.)?

Email us at n0nvme2017@gmail.com or DM @deacon_rwb on instagram and we’ll work on an arrangement!

What started Komatose?

I started making shirts about two years ago for some extra cash, now I have a small business running to keep myself alive. That’s surviving capitalism, baby.